VMAXHumpday, 12/17/2014 – VMAX3 Unisphere Overview, a First Look


Hello!  Welcome to my semi-regular-weekly blog about VMAX.  Today I wanted to do a quick overview of my initial impressions of the new Unisphere and VMAX3.  I decided to create a video today.  I basically spent 10 minutes on the VMAX3 before looking at this and recording, to excuse my over-use of transitional words such as ‘Umm’ and ‘stuff like that’.

Also, if you need a good refresher on why Enterprise Class Storage is still very relevant, you should go over to @thejasonnash ‘s blog @ http://jasonnash.com/2014/10/14/the-vmax3-why-enterprise-class-is-still-very-relevant/  I briefly reference it in the video.



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2 Responses to VMAXHumpday, 12/17/2014 – VMAX3 Unisphere Overview, a First Look

  1. Rich says:

    Hi, Please be careful about advising anyone to use the optimized SLO. Its meant to be a temporary place for hosts that have unknown service needs. It will be inconsistent since it simply means whatever is left over is assigned here but not in any prioritized fashion. You really want every host to be in a valid SLO for best performance and capacity planning. Optimized wont do that.
    Thanks !

    • sangeek says:

      Thanks! Didn’t know that. Figured Optimized would be similar to the 100/100/100 on the traditional VMAX-1 and VMAX10/20/40K in regards to Fast Cache.

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