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When it comes to power, why are we stuck in the stone age?

I came across this awesome video that discusses energy production, how much energy we use and why it is important to invest in technologies that can power the world 30+ years from now. In short, there is a professor at … Continue reading

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Varrow Madness Pics (the gallery)

Here is the slideshow of all images taken (so you don’t have to bounce to flickr).  For you nerds out there, I used the Flickr API and a sweet WordPress plugin “slickr-flickr” for this. [slickr-flickr tag=”vm11″ items=”50″ type=”gallery” captions=”off” sort=”date”] … Continue reading

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Varrow Madness Part Two

Here are some more photos from Varrow Madness yesterday. Had a great time and got to do some awesome networking with Varrow Folks, EMC, VCE, Isilon and other people who are customers or partners of Varrow. This was one of the best … Continue reading

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Varrow Madness Part One!

Hi, I’m sitting here at Varrow Madness.  I decided to bring my camera today.  If you are missing this event, it is great.  Almost like a Mini- EMCWorld.  A ton of people here. The rest of the set can be … Continue reading

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The Rockstar Nerd [Personality Types in IT]

Another personality type for you.  The Rockstar.  This person can write Korn-Shell scripts while listening to KORN or even playing KORN – Word Up! one handed on Rock Band.  So skilled at their job, but you would never know it … Continue reading

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