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vSphere 5 Home Lab: Part 2 – Newegg Ordering Goodness (Node 1 – Mulder)

I love Newegg for decent prices….  After much debate I decided to go ahead and get started on Node 1 in which I will name “Mulder”.  “Scully” is going to have to wait a couple weeks until after my Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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vSphere 5 Home Lab: Part 1 : Storage and Blue Lights!

Inspiration! It what brings us together to achieve great things. Home Labs! Great way to use resources and gain lab time on products while working on my own schedule! At Varrow yesterday we were given the inspiration and support to … Continue reading

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EMC NS-480 with Fast, Fast Cache and how I configured it.

Before my Angry Eye Crazyness, I had just received a new EMC NS-480 on the floor at my work.  Because I like to remain as anonymous as possible as to where I work because this is my personal blog, I … Continue reading

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