On EMC Elect, Snow Days and Mr. Spock


347028-graphic-EMC Elect 2015-hires.jpgThis week started absolutely fantastic. I was returning from a great weekend in Wilmington, NC excited to know that I was now able to say that I was EMC Elect for 2015! This is my first time being a part of EMC Elect and I am excited, and honored to be a part of it. Most of the past year I have been blogging about EMC’s VMAX, and other topics. I have been active on twitter, LinkedIn and EMC community forums as well. In short, I like sharing things about technology as it pertains to storage, and the datacenter as whole. You can read about the program here: https://community.emc.com/community/connect/emc_elect  I will continue to share with the community in 2015 and hope to add more stuff soon!  Hint: I’ve been meddling with a VMAX3 in our labs and am doing a presentation at Varrow Madness next month on it!

After enjoying and celebrating my Elect status, I sat down on Monday, and started typing up my blog entries and well to be perfectly honest, I had a little bit of writers block. Monday turned into Tuesday, Tuesday turned into a snow Day, Wednesday seemed promising, but Thursday even more snow. Now granted, I grew up in Michigan and can handle the snow. I love driving in it with my Jeep, but it just makes everything all weird in North Carolina. You see, there is this certain ‘bread and milk’ craziness that goes on when there is even an inkling of snow coming to the area. Neighbors freaking out before the storm warning me that Walmart is packed and I should run out and get my bread and milk before the lines get long…and Neighbors freaking out after the storm frantically shoveling their driveways after the storm. If they would only wait until about 24 hours, they would discover that snow really doesn’t stick around all that much. My driveway is perfectly clear…and I don’t own a shovel. Oh and bread and milk? Really? That’s what you’re thinking about? Anyways, I digress.

color_nimoy_headshotAnd then Friday hit. As everyone was worried about what color a dress was (crazy internet thing) I learned of Leonard Nemoy’s passing at 83 years. I grew up with Leonard Nimoy from episodes of Star Trek, Awesome Star Trek movies about transparent aluminum and Khan. His voice roles in Transformers as Galvatron and Sentinel Prime catered to my inner child’s dreams of discovering how awesome the transformers were. His work on the Fringe TV series was pretty nerdy too. You could say that Leonard Nimoy embodied the inner nerd in most of us and I thank him for that. His final tweet a few days ago was : “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP” Thank you Mr. Spock. Here is a toast of Romulan Ale to you. Live long and Prosper.


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