VMAXHumpday, April 29th, 2015 – EMCWorld 2015 and other good stuff.

Hey readers!

In my last VMAXHumpday, I talked about my presentation about VMAX3 with Sean Cummin’s at EMC.  It was a really awesome presentation, but unfortunately my recording was REALLY bad.  I hope to do another overview/demo now that I bought myself a real blogging microphone.

I’m really excited about next week.  I will be attending what will be my…I believe 5th EMCWorld. I always get a lot out of these conferences and energy that they provide.  Next week will be no exception to this.  It’s always cool to see what is out there that is new, and also gives me a bit of a refresher on what is out there and what is coming in the future so that I can prepare!

I plan on talking to a few people about VMAX3 while I am there so that we can be prepared to deliver these boxes to our customers.  As I’ve talked about this before, we have had the VMAX3 in our lab as an early Beta for almost close to a year now.  It’s been really cool to have the tech in the lab and be able to work with it.

In edition to VMAX3, I plan on attending some sessions hopefully on EMC Viper, and also some of the EMCElect special sessions.

Really looking forward to this year’s event.  If you’re around and want to hang out and talk tech, just reach out to me on twitter and I’ll be glad to at least say hi!

Hope everyone is having a great April.  More blogging next week!


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