Regional Conferences are the Best

My fourth Varrow Madness… awesome. If you are a fan of IT, and want to see what is the best that can come out of Cloud, Mobility, Security and Storage then you need to find a way to get to Varrow Madness. Yes it is a regional conference, but I can assure you this is a no fluff, 100% Engineer extravaganza for the good. Call it a mini EMCworld, VMworld, Citrix Live all in one that you will enjoy in one day. Oh and admission is free. A conference that is held every year near St Patrick’s day in North Carolina. Next year it will be in Greensboro, NC! It was so large this year that we outgrew the ballrooms and have to move to a convention center 🙂 Personally I can’t wait until we hold it in Vegas!

Why is it so awesome? Well Varrow is the short answer, but head on over to to learn more about us. Varrow embraces culture, blogging and Vendor evangelist programs of its employees, and hires the best engineers around. During the conference we present based off of experience, case studies, and best practices which is sometimes rare even at the larger conferences which are sometimes filled with marketecture and animated powerpoint. Even our CEO Jeremiah Cook used sketches and drawings to present his keynote….oh and he also threw in one of his classic rap songs.

Here are some highlights from the show:

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