EMC WORLD – Day 3 – The Casino, Legos and EMC Elect

Sorry for Day 3 being late.  Too bad it isn’t because I won so much money gambling that I’m driving my new Ferrari back to Raleigh.  Lots of stuff did go down on Wednesday at EMCworld and the night before.

The first thing I would like to mention is a HUGE shoutout to our awesome Varrow customers that I got to spend time with Tuesday night at Sushi Samba and subsequent other places on Las Vegas Blvd.  We had a great time eating sushi, and cooking Kobe Beef slices on a huge rock.  It was a nice time.  Here are some shots I took:


So Wednesday I had a chance to hit up the blogger’s lounge and invade the EMCElect Space.  I had a great conversation with @colinmcnamara and @mjbrender around what it takes to be EMC Elect and why I was rummaging through their Polo shirts (I ninja skilled my way in to retrieve these for our very own @thejasonnash and @virtualtacit).

I learned a bit more about EMC Elect and how it would be really cool to be a member.  If you would like to learn more and nominate someone (or yourself!) go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Msk1obeUw1v-VwvRDEo3m3wOVGLZ0IvTlYEErnWhewQ/viewform

You have until November to submit.  It’s really cool.

I got some really sweet Legos from the VCE booth.  “No Assembly Required” at least for the VBLOCK part.

I also attended VMAX best practices and the VMAX birds of a feather session…  That I will have to save for another post!


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