EMC WORLD 2013 – Day 2 – No Tigers, Just Awards and Superheros

Hello!!!!  I did not end up stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger last night… unfortunately.

I did however witness my company Varrow winning…for the 5 consecutive year the EMC Services Quality Award.

Pictured are a bunch of folks from Varrow and I managed to sneak a picture.  Here is the banner of the recipients.  (BTW, 1 7 year, 2 six year and 3 five year award winners).

I managed to talk with some VMAX folks during a session about the new VCOPs plugin’s for VMware, and have a deep dive discussion around FAST technologies and how they are used in customer environments.  It’s real nice to talk with engineers that actually work on the products day to day and less marketing stuff (no offense to my marketing friends!!! I’m just a geek).

…and finally.  There is this superhero theme going on.  Still not sure about that but managed to get a shot with some X-men.

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