EMC World 2013 – Day 1 – Vegas!

I have arrived in Vegas for EMC’s annual conference.  After fighting my way through Raleigh to Charlotte, and a “Taxi Line from Hell” at LAS it is very good to be here.

This is my first time in a few years since I presented in Boston back when I was an EMC Customer.  Lots of things have changed and lots of things remain the same.

First, it still is a very cloudy cloudy world.  What surprised me is that there doesn’t happen to be clouds hanging all over the place as in previous years, however I would say that the buzzword is still there and still flows through presentations and key notes freely.  The one thing to note though is that “Cloud” is a bit more defined than years of past and perhaps we’ve gone beyond buzz to something that is actually quantifiable.  Which makes people sound WAY more intelligent than back in 2009.

I also am enjoying Las Vegas and what it has to offer.  This place is a bit crazy, smoky and outright strange sometimes but with a bunch of IT professionals, 174,480 cups of coffee served [from the Jeremy Burton’s @jburton keynote] it is bound to be a great time.

Looking forward to the solutions pavilion, networking with fellow EMC fans and partner awards tonight!!!


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