God Made an IT Worker

I know it’s been a couple weeks since the Super Bowl, but during halftime I saw that advertisement about farmers…you know the one…  It’s a very good ad.  Filled with emotion, triumph, hardship and otherwise really cool stuff.

Then, I thought to myself, “Self”…”How come Farmers have all the fun?”… “Us IT Folks have fun too!”.

So whilst the inspiration for this next video comes from eating way too much Super Bowl Chili with bacon in it…I present to you, in my own words and possibly other geeks like me, “God Made an IT Worker“.  @sangeek

Transcript to follow:

And in the 1930’s and 1940’s, God looked down on the earth and said I need someone who understands all of these numbers and specifications….but needed someone to automate and oversee these great computer creations.

So God made an IT worker…

God said I need somebody willing to stay past five o’clock, work all night patching windows servers, cable up three new servers, and then order pizza online for his family because he’s going to be pulling an all nighter again.

So God made an IT worker…

I need somebody with a brilliant brain strong enough to figure out how to make things fast enough for DBA’s yet his demeanor needs to be willing enough to explain to his mother, for the eighth time how to print in duplex mode, or remove a virus from his brother’s computer.

So God made an IT worker…

God said I need somebody willing to sit up all night with the newbie employee while it’s his first time installing new software, teach him the right way to do things, watch the newbie fail, then dry his eyes and say maybe next week.  I need somebody who can P2V a windows 2000 server, who can do a bare metal restore of 12 year old hardware, diagnose the most obscure bluescreen of death and finish up his 40 hour week by Tuesday under the dim hue of his 27” monitor documenting the whole process, and then paining from carpel tunnel, will put in another 72 hours.

So God made an IT worker…

God had to have somebody willing to learn the newest technology, buzzwords and ride the information super highway before cloud computing came about, yet stop in the middle of it all to race over to the next cubicle to comfort his coworker when he sees him yelling at the monitor “PC Load letter What Does that mean?”

So God made an IT worker…

God said I need somebody strong enough to brush off people telling him he’s a nerd or geek, yet gentle enough to show those same people, in a calming and reassuring voice, “I think your caps lock key is on”.  It had to be somebody who’d read various documentation obviously translated from another language, be able to install a power supply with the power feed still on, replace hardware, restore lost files, patch, backout, patch again, Control, Alt, Delete and when he gets home, fix his families iPhones by laying them in a bed of Rice.  Somebody who would bring his family together with the bonds of various electronic devices, teach them the value of game time, laugh and then with a tear in his eye be proud when his son comes into his home office, looks over that 27” monitor and says, “Dad I want to be a nerd too when I grow up.”

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  1. Well-done, Brian. Can’t believe I’m just seeing this.

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