Madness, VMAX’s and a year’s gone by. Oh My.

It has been a year since the last time I posted about Varrow Madness back in 2011.  Since then quite a lot has changed in the form of my personal growth as an Engineer, growth of Varrow and all around ‘feel good goodness’.

Before I get into a few details, here are some highlights from last year that I like to brag about…in somewhat chronological order both personal and professional and what I feel like changed the direction my life took.

The most important thing is “Making a list and Checking it Twice”.  Normally reserved for Santa Claus, I started making personal and professional goals for myself, writing it on a sheet of paper and posting it on the wall before entering my bathroom.  I enter my bathroom quite a lot during the day to brush my teeth, take a shower, change my clothes and even to do a little light reading from time to time.  All bathroom humor aside, it is important that this list is at least visible to trigger your self conscious.  You know what is on this list.  Sometimes I even stop to read it, but for the most part it is there as a reminder of things I want to do, things I must do and maybe even ‘things that I might not get but are fun to see on a list’.  For your information, “Winning the lottery and buying a small Caribbean island to live out the rest of my life as Jack Sparrow would do” is still on this year’s list…  Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

Some other things from this list (things that I actually did accomplish):

  • Get a new job.
  • Put a lift kit on my Jeep and go off roading more often.
  • Go Camping at least 4 times.
  • Go to Colombia and spend time with family more.
  • Put wood floors in the house.
  • Build my Wife’s Shoe Closet.
  • Blog More.

There were a few more…but you get the idea.  The more things you put on the list, the more things you actually do, thus you have a more positive way to think about your life and all of that mumbo jumbo.

So yah, the new job thing.  Varrow found me.  And boy have I been busy.  Highlights since last Varrow Madness.

  • Learned more VMAX than I thought I could learn
  • Challenged myself and got myself into situations that pushed me out of my comfort zone enough that I had to ask for help….on several occasions.
  • Built an ESXi 5 VMware environment in my house with my own storage array, several VMware guests and all sorts of geeky goodies.
  • Learned some Isilon.
  • Learned more VNX.
  • Presented on VMAX.
  • Finally got a couple certifications.
  • Brought a Keg of IPA to a yearly kickoff/retreat in the mountains and had a blast with Co-Workers.
  • Hosted my first #vBeers in Raleigh.

Those are kinda the highlights, but it has been an interesting year.

Here are a couple embedded highlights from my year:

Varrow Madness Flash Mob:

Oh and it you’ve made it this far.  Thank you for reading…and here is a taste of how I will live my life when I when the lottery:



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