EMC VNX / Unified Midrange Storage Days

I am going to EMC this morning to attend a 2 day seminar on the manufacturing, hardware and software ins and outs of EMC’s newest lines of midrange storage products.
Formally ‘Clariion Days’, this gives the customer a closer look at EMC offerings and allows us to ask direct questions to software engineers. Providing this interaction and feedback is great. I recall back in the days of the CX3 offering suggestions in Navisphere and in a relatively short period of time, those suggestions actually getting into code. One of the latest interfaces, Unisphere is a combination of a lot of what was good about Navisphere and Celerra manager.  This is put together as a common manager (which was needed for a long time) for the bread and butter of the midrange storage line (Clariion, Celerra, NS, and VNX).
I’m excited to have seen the early beta versions and what is out now.
Today and tomorrow I plan on taking a bunch of notes and hopefully be able to post it up on here by the weekend?


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